A man holding onto a fish while standing in the ocean.

About us

Research has consistently demonstrated that spending time in natural environments, including those around bodies of water, can have beneficial effects on our mental and physical wellbeing. Among these benefits are a reduction in stress levels, an improvement in mood, and an overall augmentation of one's sense of contentment.

For the founders of Native Waters Co, their love and appreciation for water and its rejuvenating influence took root in their modest beginnings. In those days, opportunities for water-related activities were scarce, limited to occasional weekend trips to the shoreline or leisurely bank fishing along the intracoastal. As they continued to immerse themselves in these activities, over time, their passion for the waterman's lifestyle only grew stronger.

Incorporated in 2021, Native Waters Co. draws its inspiration from the profound bond they share with the water and its transformative impact on their lives. We hold the belief that every moment spent on or around the water should be treasured and relished. We never underestimate the profound influence it exerts on our overall well-being. Ultimately, we all possess just one life to live, and it falls upon us to maximize it by embracing the activities and passions that bring us happiness and purpose.